What is the Importance of Web Design for a Business?

What is the Importance of Web Design for a Business?

As the name suggests, website redesign means refurbishing an existing website by renovating the layouts, reconditioning navigation, and upgrading the content. In other words, giving a makeover to a website to improve its performance and help get more traffic and convert more visitors into customers. It’s a whole process with details to look into. Your Web Design in Melbourne would be a sure-shot hit when handled by Make My Website. With the Best Web Designers in Melbourne, the companyassures the best of services.

Web Design in Melbourne
Web Design in Melbourne

Reasons for Redesigning

Before starting with the process of revamping, you need to understand the reasons why your website would need a restyling –

1.   Launching a new product/service

This calls for redesigning as features and functionalities of the new product or service must be known to the visitors. Then only will they plan to avail of the services or buy the new product.

2.   Rebranding

This becomes mandatory when you want to change the company’s look or its perception. Also, when the competition becomes fiercer, and you wish for the revival of the lost brand identity, redesigning seems the only viable option.

3.   Adding functionality

Functionalities directly  impact your business; therefore, all the added features or functionalities must help you meet your desired goals. Like making the website more interactive for the visitor.

4.   Adding responsiveness

Old websites are not mobile-friendly. To change from an outdated system to a new, responsive website that is user-friendly and has an attractive design to convert new, younger visitors into customers, redesigning is compulsory.

5.   Upgrading SEO and site performance

Redesigning the website upgrades the presence of the website on a search engine. Excellent site performance due to HTML tags and relevant keywords makes the website a top choice amongst various search engines.

6.   Repositioning

This is when you want to change the customer’s understanding of the brand. To add to their experience and perception, your website can use new tools like making online or 3-D shopping possible, where the visitors can view the product in a real, life-like setting and then decide.

The best web designers in Melbourne help your website stay simple, focused, and different.

Process of Redesigning

Now let’s look into the steps involved in the process of redesigning your web design in Melbourne. These steps make the whole process simpler and faster.

1.   Evaluation of the Existing Metrics

Before planning the redesign strategy, you need to look at the strengths and the weaknesses of the existing site and evaluate its performance. The areas where it’s lagging and needs a makeover and what all can be improved. You can look into the number of visits/visitors every month, total bounce rate, total revenue generated or new leads, if any, total pages that receive maximum traffic, total pages that receive no traffic, and many other avenues.

2.   Determining the Goals

Now is the time to set the goals for the revamping, all that is required to make the website brand new. More than the looks, what matters is how the site works. You decide between a professional website or a site that gets more visits, leads, and sales with decreased bounce rates and excellent SEO rankings.

3.   Creating a Strategy

Now comes the time to decide what customers your website wants to attract, what brand it promotes, and what message it wants to convey to its target audience. By the first look, the visitor must understand the purpose, the offering, the quality, and the benefit. Clarity and focus are the key elements here. You can opt for a new logo, a new colour palette, or a new style guide.

4.   Start with the Redesigning

Assess your needs and what changes you want and start thinking of a user-centred design that caters to all the needs of a visitor and is mobile responsive. Then, go for a UI redesign. The interface should be innovative and not at all complicated. Then concentrate on the content and its development. All these elements together make a perfect recipe for a successful website.

5.   Protection of Existing SEO Pages

Before creating new pages, don’t forget to protect your existing SEO lead pages or create proper 301 redirects. All this is followed by  keyword research, where a keyword/topic is selected from the newly constructed pages that would help attract new traffic to the website. Adding new content also helps target those keywords/topics previously neglected by your website.

6.   Versatile and Resourceful Layout

A versatile and resourceful layout helps make necessary changes as and when required. Your web design in Melbourne can help you save a lot of time, resources, and money if designed properly and as per the latest research requirements. The best web designers in Melbourne help your website gain all that you desire, keeping the competition at bay.

7.   Launching the Revamped Website

Now is the time when all that is put together by the best web designers in Melbourne is put to the test. This test drive ensures that the website is fully functional and error-free. Whether the redirects are in place or not, view the wireframes, mockups, sitemaps, etc. Check if the website works effortlessly on all mediums, and you are good to go!!

Final Words

Once the website is redesigned and launched, it’s ready to rock the internet. Make My Website is one company equipped to make your web design in Melbourne a superlative specimen of excellence. Contact Us for sterling services in web designing.
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