Best Digital Marketing Strategies for Hotels To Try in 2023

Best Digital Marketing Strategies for Hotels To Try in 2023

Virtually all tourists do an earlier search on the internet that includes queries about activities, places to visit, and hotels.

It is almost equivalent to not being online in any industry, but especially in tourism. We have listed the most important things to consider if is to create a lasting and solid hotel marketing strategy that builds customer loyalty.

Pamper social networks

Although having a profile on social media networks (Facebook and Instagram) is obvious considering how much time we spend there, it’s a fact that many hotels don’t make the effort to build a community online with quality content.

Retaining past, present, and future guests are crucial. This requires creating networks that are attractive enough to encourage them to follow them.

It is important to create a long-term and medium-term strategy for social media in hotels. It is important to remember that social media networks can have repercussions on other marketing strategies for hotels.

If you want to grow your business easily and quickly, you can easily grow your business online. And stay with to get online business ideas.

Keep the content current

It is not enough to have a listing in Google My Business, profiles on Facebook, and TripAdvisor. They must be updated when there are changes to the business such as changes to the contact number or renovations to the facilities.

A good social media strategy for hotels is not just about the frequency of our content uploads, but also the quality of that content. First impressions are critical, especially in hospitality.

We cannot ignore videos in our hotel marketing strategy. These media are the current star of the network and they are preferred by users in both organic content (not paid), as well as in advertisements on social networking sites.

Optimize SEO

Before we explain why SEO is so important, let’s first explain what it is. SEO is the term for Search Engine Optimization. It refers to a series of actions performed on a website to be found among the top search engine results.

Due to their high web authority and regular content, this sector is highly competitive in Google. It is possible to develop a professional positioning strategy for a hotel. This is worth the effort.

Make a blog

A blog can help increase traffic to the hotel chain’s site and make it more visible in search results. It not only generates constant content for our website, which is good for SEO, but it also communicates brand values and discusses the hotel’s activities.

We must remember to include in our hotel marketing strategies the creation of interesting and optimized content for our clients.

Encourage customers to provide feedback

The genuine opinions of others are more persuasive than any other information. A good reputation online (e.g. on TripAdvisor or Google Maps) is more likely to get reservations. But can businesses remove google reviews?

How can you get your guest to leave a positive review after his visit? It is very easy to make your guest’s experience as positive as possible.

Be careful with hotel search engine profiles

It doesn’t matter what category our accommodation falls under: We only need to show you attractive, current images that showcase the various spaces (hall, rooms, dining room, etc.) with SEO will trigger our conversion rate.

Our clients want to know where their night will be spent. We need to be aware of the comments that our clients make and respond as quickly as possible.

Mobile devices

Smartphones are now used to browse the Internet more than desktop computers. This trend is also applicable to hotel reservations and searches. We may want to use the Mobile First strategy when designing our website.

This means that we think first about the smallest device, then move on to the desktop.

Email marketing can build loyalty

Once you have gained the client’s trust, it is time to keep them coming back for more. Email marketing campaigns can be very helpful to inform clients about new services and facilities. You can segment your emails to send the relevant information to each contact.


Customers increasingly value omnichannel digital Marketing hotels, which means offering transparent experiences to customers, regardless of channel or device: a hotel, website, mobile application, social media, search engine profiles for hotel rooms, email campaigns, and social networks.

Companies in the hotel industry have endless options thanks to the digital age. If you want more practical marketing tips for your business, Get in touch with us at Digital Specialist today.

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