Checklist For Buying Twin Strollers

Checklist For Buying Twin Strollers

Having twins, albeit enjoyable, can also be a challenge. Parental responsibilities are doubled, and it will entail extra amount of time and effort to take care of two infants. Getting them a twin stroller is not an option; it is a necessity. Getting started on the search is as easy as logging into the Internet, but the difficult part is in screening, scrutinizing, and short listing from a wide array of choices.

Fortunately, you arrived at this webpage, where the hard part is over. Here, the product descriptions and specifications have been reviewed for you, and recommendations are available for your final picking. Customer reviews and testimonials from different forums and sites are already analyzed and critiqued for your benefit. All information related to twin strollers is contained in this information portal.

  • One suggestion before buying a twin stroller is to have a checklist of qualities that should be present in it. This is one way to make the process of selection much easier.
  • Topping this checklist should be the stroller’s ability of maintaining ease of use when loaded with two children. Mobility is oftentimes compromised when double strollers are under the full weight of the twins.
  • Next in the list is a set of reliable stroller wheels and brakes. Ideally, twin stroller should have all-wheel suspension, due to its weight capacity. This will make it more easier for parents to make a turn with the double stroller. Equally important is for the stroller to have a good foot brake, because all-wheel suspension makes the stroller quick to move on slanted streets.
  • It is also important for a twin stroller to have compact dimensions when in folded up position. Strollers are supposed to be travel-friendly and they should carry features that make them easy to stow and assemble. It is unlikely that double strollers are lightweight enough to be carried in one hand. Thankfully though, the use of aluminum as frame material for double strollers is becoming more prevalent today.

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Finding twin strollers that have all these qualities may prove daunting, especially if cost is being considered. A major reputable online shopping portal is a place to start exploring, because it offers travel systems of various brands at greatly reduced costs. Detailed information on products is already provided with a balanced mix of customer feedbacks. Buying takes only seconds while shipment of purchased twin stroller units takes no more than two days (in US only).

Owning a twin stroller is not only for those with twins. For parents who have two stroller-sized children of different ages and want a side-by-side configuration, the Peg Perego Aria Twin Stroller is the perfect choice.

The Aria Twin is a 60/40 stroller, meaning one seat is 60% of the stroller’s width and the other is 40% of the width. Obviously this means is that the seats are not the same size. Therefore, this stroller is not well-suited for use with twins. However, it is ideal if you have stroller-riding children of different ages. To increase the stroller’s versatility, the Aria Twin Stroller is Travel System-compatible.

The “60” side of the stroller is the versatile side. Because the Peg Perego Aria stroller is Travel System-compatible, a Primo Viaggio SIP 30/30 car seat latches rear-facing on the “60” side while an older brother or sister comfortably fits on the “40” side.

As the children grow, the stroller grows with them. The older child can sit on the “60” side and the younger one can move to the “40” side. This innovative 60/40 split-seat configuration provides the versatility to allow you to get years of use from this stroller. This stroller can accommodate children up to a height of 43 inches and a weight of 45 pounds.

The terrific features of this stroller do not end with the innovative 60/40 seat configuration. Peg Perego also gave great thought to passenger comfort.

The Peg Perego Aria Twin Stroller seats have large hoods that are independently adjustable and ratcheting. Keeping the sun or rain off your children is made much easier with these oversized hoods.Each seat has a multi-position backrest, a tray with cup holder and the unique Peg Perego 5-point “Freedom of Movement” harness.

For the parent’s convenience the Aria Twin stroller has a central brake release for the rear wheel, a spacious storage basket and a drink holder that can hold a water bottle.

Having four double-wheels and front wheel suspension make this stroller very easy to turn. Maneuvering indoors and out is easy because the Peg Perego Aria stroller will fit through most standard doorways.

The innovative 60/40 seating configuration by itself makes the Peg Perego Aria Twin Stroller a fabulous choice as your children’s stroller. Adding the other terrific features and the versatility to allow this stroller to be in service for years simply puts it over the top

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