Dedicated software development team: when you need it

Dedicated software development team: when you need it

Dedicated software development is the model of collaborative work that we suggest using for the majority of projects. It allows you to acquire a workforce matched to your business goals and tech requirements. You can totally outsource the development process or delegate a part of tasks. You can save money by using dedicated engineers, which is the primary reason why so many businesses choose to outsource, followed by flexibility (40%) and speed to market (20%).

However, depending on the circumstances, time-and-material or fixed-price models might be more appropriate. Or you may decide to complete the project with in-house resources by recruiting engineers yourself.

This article describes what is a dedicated development team model when you need it, and other key features like hourly rates. What exactly is meant by the term “Dedicated Development Team”?

A dedicated team is a basic collaboration approach for custom software development. The basic idea is that the provider’s software developers are entirely dedicated to the customer’s project. As a customer, you get a remote team that performs all the functions an in-house team would execute. You engage in constant contact, as well as daily meetings and report writing. On the other hand, you won’t need to worry about renting an office, keeping the hardware up to date, managing payroll, or any of the other administrative tasks.

Composition of the committed team

The actual team composition depends on the project size and tech skills you need. It is also possible for it to shift from one stage of software development to the next as the process continues. Nevertheless, the following positions are typically included in a dedicated team:

  • Front-end software engineers
  • Backend software engineers
  • UX/UI designers
  • DevOps engineers
  • Quality assurance experts
  • Analysts of business operations
  • Managers of various projects
  • Managers of the products

In addition to this, you should think about enlisting the assistance of sales representatives and marketers in order to push the freshly created product to the intended consumers. It will assist you in getting off to a strong start and achieving success in the market.

Comparison of Dedicated Teams, Fixed Price Models, and Time and Materials Models

Both fixed-price and time-and-materials models offer dedicated development options for projects of a smaller scale. This article will explain what they are and the circumstances in which you should favour such collaboration over full-time teams.

Fixed Price Model

When a project is finished, a client is responsible for paying the predetermined sum that was established in the price of the collaboration. Accurately estimating the amount of hours necessary and the scope of the job is one of the responsibilities of a provider of software development services. Because of this, a model like this works best for projects that are only going to be carried out temporarily and when the volume is known.

T&M Model

The Time and Material model requires a client to pay for the amount of time and effort that an engineering team puts into completing a particular project. Because it is typically a part-time cooperation, hired developers could make contributions to multiple projects at the same time. As a result, the T&M model is recommended for use in projects whose requirements are subject to change as well as for occasional technical assistance.

When It Is Appropriate to Recruit a Dedicated Software Development Team

Since creating software is typically a lengthy process, a dedicated team is an excellent solution for the majority of projects, as we previously mentioned. In particular, you should consider hiring developers on a full-time basis when:

Control the Early Phases of a Startup

If you have just begun work on a brand-new project, you presumably have high hopes of getting development underway as quickly as possible. Outsourcing to a software development business helps you to assemble a team much faster. They are able to either completely take the position of in-house engineers or do the jobs assigned to them to speed up your time to market. Another advantage for startups that hire specialised developers is a reduction in operating expenses.

Read step-by-step advice on hiring for startups here.

Have a Project That Extends Into the Future

Over the course of their duration, long-term initiatives undergo tremendous evolution and expansion. This indicates that you will need to employ a wide variety of tech expertise and conduct a significant amount of recruitment. In addition, you will need to continue to maintain and improve the product once it has been launched. Because of this, the best option would be to hire a specialised staff that could deal with all of these responsibilities.

Requirements are Not Clarified

You need a team to make the need discovery for you when you still haven’t decided whether or not the product will be successful in the market, what technology stack it will use, or what features it will offer. After that, they will proceed to carry out additional work on the product to bring your concept to fruition. Because development from scratch requires a significant investment of time and effort, the only acceptable model is one that emphasises collaborative work.

When it Is NOT Necessary to Employ a Dedicated Software Development Team

There are situations when a committed team might be more resources than your project requires. Take into consideration the T&M, fixed-price, or other types of collaboration if the following apply:

Both time and money are in short supply.

When funds are limited or you have a modest work to perform, it is best to hire someone on a part-time basis rather than a full-time one. The hired individual will serve in the capacity of an outside consultant for the amount of hours that were previously determined.

You are Not Prepared to Make a Commitment on a Long-Term Basis.

If you are unsure whether outsourcing is a possibility for your business, you can begin by delegating individual jobs to get a feel for how the process works. If everything works out as planned, you can increase the amount of people working together and switch to the model of the devoted team.

The Project is Short, or the Scope is Clear

Choose either the set price or the time and materials model once you have a complete understanding of the project’s scope, including all of the features and processes that are planned. We would also advocate these tactics for projects that are short- or medium-term and do not demand full-fledged commitment on the participant’s part.

How Much Does It Cost to Employ a Fully Dedicated Team?

If you want an accurate cost estimate for hiring a software development team, you need to know both the scope of the task and the size of the team. You will also be able to determine the total cost of the job as well as the number of hours that are required to finish it.

The hourly rates of software engineers are determined by two different factors: the amount of experience the developer has and their location. In general, engineers from the United States and countries in Western Europe enjoy the highest rates, which can sometimes reach as high as $150 per hour. Companies located in Eastern Europe that specialise in software development outsourcing offer comparable services at much reduced prices. Dedicated Development Services provided by Leobit.

Leobit is a software development business that provides dedicated development in addition to a variety of other models, such as fixed-price and time-and-materials. When putting together teams to serve our clients, we draw from our own internal pool of human resources and search locally for the appropriate skills. Just let us know what your project requires so that we may begin the process of requirement analysis and hiring.

We have contributed our devoted software development services to the production of a number of different projects, including a global payment processing platform, a home security mobile app, and others.

A Few Parting Thoughts

For projects that are expected to take a long time, be difficult, or involve a lot of work, the dedicated engineering team approach produces the greatest outcomes. Additionally, it is recommended for startups that want ongoing technical assistance and flexibility with regard to the size of their teams. T&M and fixed-price options are the ones you should go for if you only need occasional assistance with technical duties.

Get in touch with Leobit if you require expert guidance on how to structure the process of developing software for your company. We are able to provide full-stack remote development services as well as recommend the method of collaboration that would be most beneficial to you.

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