Detect possible hidden cameras with your mobile. Don’t spy on yourself!

Detect possible hidden cameras with your mobile. Don’t spy on yourself!

Detect possible hidden cameras with your mobile. Don’t spy on yourself!

As if we were James Bond wannabes, it is possible to use our smartphones for many different tasks. One of them is to discover, if we are suspicious, if there are hidden cameras somewhere in our home or at work, regardless of whether we have an iPhone or an Android phone.

It may seem like something out of a spy movie, but the truth is that, above all, in the field of work, we may be being recorded without our knowing it (even though we have given authorization for it). Even more worrisome is if someone has hidden a camera in our house without us having any idea of ​​​​it, but it would not be rare for some ‘voyeur’ with certain knowledge to be taking images of someone’s privacy and even in the worst case scenario. cases, doing so for purposes of dubious legality.

We do not want to know how you will feel if you find that someone has been spying on you behind your back, be it your partner, who mistrusts you, or, worse still, someone whose identity you do not know and may have been posting photos of you or pictures of your house on the internet. How To Find Hidden Cameras Using Mobile Phones?

How to locate hidden cameras

Luckily, there are different methods or tricks that will help us at any time to find a possible hidden camera. So we only have to get down to work to find out if someone is really spying on us or not.

Best of all, we don’t need a counterintelligence course or anything similar. As the headline of this article says, you simply need a smartphone, download an app and start looking around.

Find it with an app

Whatever the circumstances, or out of simple curiosity and the desire to mess with our mobile, we have two ways of discovering, thanks to the terminals, if there is a hidden camera. The first is by detecting electromagnetic fields since, in most cases, these cameras are connected to the Internet, in addition to using electricity, they emit a certain type of radiation. This is especially useful for discovering hidden cameras on a wall or an object (the typical teddy bear, for example). The second method is by detecting the reflection of light from a lens. It is a somewhat less reliable method but, perhaps, it is best to confirm our suspicions together with the first of those mentioned.

In fact, OPPO is one of the first manufacturers to realize this danger and has launched its own application to detect this type of device in your home. Of course, it is only compatible with the latest smartphones of the brand, (the Find X5 and Find X5 Pro) updated to ColorOs 12.1. Its operation is based on locating the infrared signals emitted by these cameras in order to detect them.

But let’s get down to business, obviously, we doubt that you are just reading us from one of these mobiles, so what we are going to need is a series of applications that will allow us to detect where the hidden cameras are in the event that there are any in our house.

Hidden Camera Detector

We will start with the ones called Hidden Camera Detector, which although they share names on iOS and Android, are not exactly the same, since the developers are different, although in both cases the software is free. Of course, in the case of the iOS app, we will have to make purchases inside, so it will not be completely free.

Both work in a similar way, we activate the application and move around the house or place in search of electromagnetic fields. It is clear that if we come across routers and other devices, the oscillation will vary, but the application’s algorithm is prepared to eliminate those frequencies that are supposedly other devices. You have to go looking and when the number on the screen exceeds 100 points, we have found a hidden camera. To locate them more optimally, it is advisable to be in the dark, with the lights off and the blinds down.

The Android application has an ‘infrared’ mode (IR Mode) that what it does is look for hidden cameras in this part of the spectrum and what we need to see is a bright white disk on the screen, although it is much less precise. Security guards

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