Diving Into The Best Way To Get More Resplendent Sparks In Diablo 4 Season 4! – Farming Iron Wolves Reputation

Diving Into The Best Way To Get More Resplendent Sparks In Diablo 4 Season 4! – Farming Iron Wolves Reputation

In this guide, I want to provide a step-by-step guide on how to get an unlimited number of no-random, guaranteed Resplendent Sparks that you can use to craft any or all of Uber Unique items for your character.

For some of the regular farming methods, I believe that the vast majority of players have known about it for a long time, but I feel that I have managed to optimize them so that you can get these sparks as quickly as possible. At the end, I also wrote my suggestions into easy-to-follow bullet points so that you can understand them clearly.

Of course, if you have any better suggestions or other ways to optimize your farming routes, don’t forget to let us know for more improvements. Without further ado, let’s get started!

Grinding Iron Wolves Reputation

Now Iron Wolves Reputation is very important and highly sought after because at the highest level, i.e. level 18, you will get a cache containing a Resplendent Spark. This cache can be opened once per character, meaning you can grind reputation on multiple characters and get an unlimited number of Sparks and Diablo 4 Unique items.

The problem is, this reputation grind is a bit tedious, so if you’re not the type who enjoys leveling up a lot of characters, you might find it a chore. That’s where our tips come into play.

Here are some very simple ways to make your Iron Wolves Reputation grinding go much faster. All you have to do is use your main character to farm Helltide as quickly as possible and get as many Aberrant Cinders as possible. Hopefully, by now, your main character is pretty strong, fast, and can collect a lot of Cinders in a brief time.

By the way, you can see that Helltide Demon Bar in the top right corner is always full instead of decreasing, which made monsters constantly appear around me. When you feel like you have a lot of Cinders, just log out. As you can see, I collected over 500 Cinders before logging out.

Then, log in with the alt character whose reputation you plan to raise. Move this character into the same Helltide, and as you can see, all your Cinders will transfer to this character.

Diablo 4 Grinding Iron Wolves Reputation

Now you can run around in Helltide, opening all Tortured Gifts of Mysteries with Cinders you collected with your main character. Each chest opened will give you Wolf’s Honor points and quite a bit of Diablo 4 Gold.

The benefit of this is obviously that you don’t have to fetch Cinders with a certain slow and weak character, so you’ll be able to open more chests with Cinders of your main character.

Another useful tip is that your alt character should be at World Tier 2, as the drop rates for Cinders and reputation there are much better than in other difficulties. Also, once a reputation is maxed out, you can enjoy Resplendent Sparks you deserve.

How To Get Unlimited Sparks?

We are, of course, talking about the fact that the seasonal reputation and rewards board involving Iron Wolves and Wolf’s Honor reputation can be completed once per character, and the last cache you get from maxing out reputation contains a Resplendent Spark.

This means that you can create a new character, max out reputation and get a Spark, delete that character, create another one, and repeat. This may sound boring and tedious, but some players may prefer this over praying for RNG and Duriel to drop a super unique item.

Farming Tips

Next, let’s talk about some tips for optimizing this farming method. These optimizations make it possible to complete the entire farm in just 4-6 hours.

Playing Minion Necromancer

First of all, I recommend playing Minion Necromancer as a reputation farming character, because it has low maintenance costs, relatively simple skill and minion setup, and most importantly, a pretty good clearing speed.

If you decide to do reputation farming multiple times, I recommend making the same class and spec multiple times to create better synergy.

Diablo 4 Minion Necromancer

Transferring Aberrant Cinders To Your Alt

At low levels, when your build is slow and weak, it’s really worth transferring Aberrant Cinders from your main character to your alt.

To do this, you need to go into Helltide area, log out of your alt, log in with your main character, farm a lot of Cinders, and then log back in to your alt. This way, you’ll have all the hundreds of Cinders you farmed on your main character. You can then use them to open all Tortured Gifts in Helltide.

Elixir Of Holy Bolts

Get Elixir of Holy Bolts from Alchemist using your main character and send them to your farmer character. For the next 15 minutes with this Diablo 4 item, for every enemy killed, Holy Bolts will shoot out from that enemy’s corpse and XP you can earn will increase by 6%. These are very useful at low levels, since AOE damage is limited.

Diablo 4 Season 4 How to Get Seasonal Elixirs

Maximizing Urn Of Iron

In Seasonal Blessings menu, you can maximize Urn of Iron to improve your reputation. But if you have a level 100 protagonist, this should already be full.

Defeat Blood Maiden

Farm Helltide, especially Helltide Event with Blood Maiden. If you see her being summoned, be sure to go to the summoning location. If you see players hanging around the summoning circle, contribute Baneful Hearts to the summon, but only if other players don’t do it. You will gain more reputation for contributing Hearts, though.

Choose World Tier 2 Difficulty

Stay at World Tier 2 throughout your farm, and you will get Sacred and Ancestral Items from the reputation caches given to you by Iron Wolves. Open them as soon as possible, as these items will greatly enhance your power.

Open Your Tortured Gifts

Open Tortured Gifts scattered around the map. On World Tier 2, each Gifts requires 100 Cinders to open and grants 120 reputation.

Fill Your Helltide Demon Bar

Use the exit and return trick when your Helltide Demon bar is running low. This will permanently fill your bar and cause monsters to constantly pour in on top of you for more Cinders.

Temper Weapons

Temper your weapons with damage affixes. If you have higher-level affixes unlocked with your primary weapon, they will drastically increase your damage.

Imprint Aspect Of Occult Dominion On Your Gear

As soon as you get a rare or legendary amulet, imprint Aspect of Occult Dominion on the amulet. Because of the high cost of imprinting, I don’t recommend doing this on any other gear since you’ll be replacing them, anyway.

However, choose Aspect of Occult Dominion because it significantly increases your damage and survivability by adding 3 Skeletal Warriors and Skeletal Mages.

Get Golem

Complete Necromancer class quest at level 25 to get a summonable Golem, which again drastically increases your damage.

Using Profane Mindcage

If your character is feeling powerful enough, don’t forget to use Profane Mindcage you get from Tortured Gifts to increase the level of Helltide monsters, as well as increase the amount of Cinders they drop. Among other things, this will greatly increase the amount of chests you open.

Diablo 4 Profane Mindcage

Stash Your Character Gear

Finally, when you’re done grinding and have received Resplendent Spark from Board, before deleting your character, put their gear into your stash and use this gear with the next Necromancer you want to farm with them. Eventually, you’ll have extremely powerful gear that can one-shot Blood Maiden very early on, making reputation farming much faster.

That’s it. These are my tips for farming Iron Wolves Reputation and Resplendent Spark as fast as possible. Try these out and you’ll be on your way to getting all those Uber Unique items your heart desires as quickly as possible! Have a great day!

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