Here’s Why Maserati Watches Are The Perfect Choice For Casual & Professional Looks

Here’s Why Maserati Watches Are The Perfect Choice For Casual & Professional Looks

Widely known as an excellent sports car manufacturer, the Maserati brand has also set foot in watches. Based on your moods and styling sense, there are various Maserati watches to select from. Among the collection, you can choose to go with sporty leather pieces or classic timepieces made of refined stainless steel.

Whether you are looking for a casual vibe or something professional that you have in mind, Maserati watches are all in to help you make a statement look. From the very start, back in 1914 Italy, innovations ran in the heart of the Maserati brand. Like the engines and cars, the timepieces by Maserati are an absolute luxury of excellence to own. 

The Rise Of Maserati Timepieces

After serving several dynamic decades in the sports car manufacturing sector, the Maserati brand faced certain obligations in sales. However, Alejandro De Tomaso (former racing driver) handled the situation. And since 1993, Fiat has owned Maserati, helping it continue as a prestigious brand. 

The Maserati timepieces are an output of conjunction between Maserati and Morellato (prevailing in the Italian market since the 1930s). The year 2012 marks the launch of Maserati watches, paving a series of immediate successes. The watches have the iconic Maserati trident logo on the dial and crown. All of them are available with a classic Maserati touch, making them unique among the crowd.   

Why Maserati Watches Are The Perfect Choice For Casual & Professional Looks?

How you dress up and style has much to say about your personality. And when you are a perfectionist with great attention to detail,  Maserati watches will be the perfect companion. Moving on, you will find the exact points highlighting “why Maserati timepieces are a must-have for your different looks?” 

Versatile Collection

Look into the Maserati watch collection; the products are segregated into four base categories. Lifestyle, Design, Sport and Classic. There is one particular type for your differential moods. Because the brand is already an iconic name in the sports world, you will find a variety of Maserati watches in the sports edition, standing out from the rest. 

For personalities who love speed teamed with precision, Maserati has the best of the collection to avail. Taking a further look into the versatile nature of the Maserati watches, the classic collection by the brand seeks inspiration from the heritage-encapsulated past and amalgamates it with the present. Offering a truly modern timepiece with vintage flavour.  

Aesthetic Designs

Heading from Italy, the brand has aesthetics running into its core. The brand has never lagged from setting itself apart by making bold choices. Bold, energetic and elegant are the various abbreviations of the Maserati aesthetic watch designs, perfectly fulfilling your expectations whether dressing up for a casual or a professional event.  

Each model with the brand has its own story for you to explore. Some watches come with open-heart skeleton dials, reflecting the brand’s unique attention to detail. Like Maserati cars and their special features, the watch faces are also one of a kind, with sturdy protective mineral crystals adding the much-needed safety to the dial that the onlooker will not be able to avoid. 

Ergonomic Blends 

Moving further, exploring the Maserati watch designs, you have the products rightfully curated per the various lifestyle needs. These are the ones that will sit right upon your wrist, serving as a statement piece, without causing the slightest discomfort on the occasion of long wear.  

For your casual day out, you have the leather strap Maserati watches, whereas the ones with stainless steel bands are the best for professional looks. Certain watch outputs from the brand are powered by the Japanese quartz calibre, assuring reliable and smooth performance. Also, you have automated and solar-powered varieties with the finest technology from Switzerland.   

How To Take Care Of Your Maserati Watches?

Here is everything that will help you retain the charm and elegance of your Maserati watches, maintaining the new-like finish. 

  • After wearing, clean your watch’s strap and dial with a soft cloth. This will help you clean all the sweat and dust from the surface that the watch was exposed to. 
  • Avoid spraying perfumes over your watch while you are getting ready to head out. Also, avoid longtime exposure to bright sunlight. That can fade off the original outlook of your watch. 
  • Store your timepiece in the original box, away from the bright sunlight, in a cool and dry area. Ensure it is not a damp surface to save your watch from humidity.  


That is all, helping you understand why investing in a Maserati watch can be a great addition to your casual or professional outlook. You can buy Maserati watches online or offline, depending on your desired model. Each watch has a unique look to serve. Thus making it easy for you to have a personalised experience while styling.

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