How is ibogaine extracted?

How is ibogaine extracted?

Ibogaine is a drug used for treating addiction. This drug is derived from Tabernanthe iboga and has many medicinal properties. This medicine can treat addiction to alcohol and drugs. There are several ways to extract ibogaine, including a natural method and a chemical extraction method. These are the two methods that are used to extract ibogaine from the roots of Tabernanthe iboga.

A natural method involves taking the root bark and soaking it in water for a few days. After the roots have been soaked, they are dried and powdered. Ibogaine treatment is isolated from the powder by mixing the powder with a solvent such as methanol.

A semi-synthetic method involves extracting ibogaine from voacangine, which is a natural alkaloid occurring in a high yield in the root bark of Voacanga africana. To do this, the root bark is soaked in water and filtered.

The roots are then chopped up and placed in a pressure cooker with hot water. After boiling, the solution is left to settle and the ibogaine is collected in the bottom of the pot. This extract is then dried and powdered.

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