How To Enhance Workspace With Colour Psychology

How To Enhance Workspace With Colour Psychology

Imagine working in a space where there aren’t many colours, everything from the walls to the furnishings in a uniform shade of grey/white. Doesn’t it sound monotonous, dull and uninteresting even reading this leave alone working? Expert Painters in Bondi advocate that giving workers a workplace where they desire to work should be a priority in every industry. After all, an employee spends roughly 8 hours per day in that setting. It should be designed to enhance both their productivity and well-being.

Painters of Bondi
Painters of Bondi

Experienced Commercial Painters of Bondi say attitude and level of productivity can be significantly affected by the colours one surrounds. Colour psychology is a technique of using colours that subtly influence one’s mood and behaviour. Some colours might encourage you to feel more energised and motivated, whereas others can assist in unwinding and concentrating.

You may foster creativity and productivity in your office by carefully choosing the colours for the area. Painters of Bondi say colours can be added to a space in different ways, such as paint on the walls, furniture, fabrics, accessories or wall art.

Using Colour Psychology

Colour psychology studies colours and how they affect people. The study of colour concerning human behaviour is essential to keep in mind for transforming a workplace. Scientists observed and researched changes in the body and brain when people view specific colours.

Colours are known to impact factors such as productivity, creativity and communication.

If you want to increase output, inspire creative thinking, and promote harmony at work, here’s a quick and handy guide to choosing colours that will produce the desired effects. Choosing the right colour can be a powerful tool when designing a workplace – especially when you know the ABCs of colour psychology!

Various Shades And Their Corresponding Effects

The following are some tips for using colour psychology to create a productive workspace:


Expert Painters of Bondi say blue is known to be a calming colour that promotes concentration and focus. If you find yourself getting easily distracted or overwhelmed at work, consider painting your office walls blue or adding blue accents throughout the space.

Associations with Blue: Peaceful, Serene, Wise, Loyal


Green is a colour that has proven to boost productivity. It is analogous to growth, freshness and new beginnings. Professional painters of Bondi say if you’re looking for a way to increase creativity and collaboration in your office, consider using green as your primary colour scheme.

Associations with Green: Fertile, Lush, Young, Fresh


Yellow is known as the “happiness colour” because it evokes feelings of joy and optimism. If one wants to create an upbeat workspace, consider adding yellow accents or painting your walls yellow.

Associations with Yellow: Optimistic, Creative, Enlightened, Curiosity


Orange is an excellent colour for offices because it strikes a balance between energising and relaxing. If one needs a little pick-me-up throughout the day, consider adding an orange tone to your office space.

Associations with Orange: Energetic, Enthusiastic, Cheerful, Exciting


Professional Painters of Bondi guide that red is known to increase heart rate and blood pressure, so it’s not the best colour if you’re looking to create a calm environment. However, red can be helpful if you need a burst of energy or motivation. If employees struggle to stay focused at work, consider adding red accents to your office space.

Associations with Red: Courageous, Enthusiastic, Passionate, Powerful


Purple has a connection with royalty, luxury and wisdom. If one wants to create an environment that feels both opulent and serene, as your predominant shades, ponder about using purple.

Associations with Purple: Royal, Luxe, Brave, Wealth


Brown is a grounding colour that promotes stability and security. Expert Painters of Bondi say if one looks to create an office space that feels warm and inviting, think about making brown your main colour.

Associations with Purple: Resilience, Dependability, Secure, Safety


Grey is an excellent choice for offices because it promotes focus and concentration while being calming and relaxing. Commercial painters of Bondi say grey is the blank slate, allowing people to reflect their feelings onto it. It is genuinely unbiased, neutral and impartial.

Associations with Grey: Balanced, Secure, Trustworthy, Reliable


White symbolises cleanliness, purity and simplicity. If you want to create an environment that feels both spacious and serene, consider painting your walls white or using white shades throughout the space.

Associations with White: Pure, Clean, Soft, Classic


Black is a powerful colour that evokes feelings of strength and authority. If one wants to create an office space that feels both sophisticated and stylish, probably make brown your main colour pick.

Associations with Black: Powerful, Elegant, Sophisticated, Formal

Use the Strength of Colour to Motivate Employees

The colours you surround yourself with can profoundly impact your mood and productivity levels. With the help of expert Painters of Bondi and carefully selecting the colours for your office space, you can create an environment conducive to productivity and creativity. Consider using blue, green, yellow, orange, red, purple, brown, grey, white or black to boost motivation, focus, concentration and positivity in the workplace. For More information Visit Sydney Wide Painters & Decorators.


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