How to Install a Wooden Door? (DIY)

How to Install a Wooden Door? (DIY)

The door is one of the most important visual elements of your home. This product can be efficiently updated by knowing how to install an outside door. In other words, the door is the most noticeable component of a home’s curb appeal are its exterior doors. If you are looking to install a new door yourself, keep in mind all the important aspects. Using all the important items like corner brackets, cupboard door catches help you to install the wooden door and save money. The installation of a pre-hung external door is covered in this article. Follow all the instructions on Pre-hung doors so both the door and the frame hold together properly.

Tips to Install a Wooden Door

1. Prepare the Door Opening by Measuring it

First of all, you need to make some measurements to begin learning how to build an exterior door. For this, measure the height of the door opening in your home. This is helpful for you to get precise specifications for a pre-hung door. Moreover, from the ground up to the top of the door frame, you can take a vertical measurement.

Now, ascertain the doorway’s width. This will be done after you get close to the top of the doorway, and measure from side to side. Keep in mind, measurement number two should be taken in the doorway’s centre. The third width measurement needs to be taken about halfway down the doorway. You need to use the shortest width measurement if the other two are not equal.

At last, you must be aware of the door jamb’s width. Measure the distance between the front and back edges of the door frame on one side of the door jamb. In case, the new door’s dimensions match those of the old door, outside door installation will be simpler.

It is really crucial, you must be aware of the door’s “handedness” before choosing it. Simply opening the door is a simple way to accomplish this. You need to place your back along the hinges as you stand inside the doorframe. It is a right-handed door if your right hand is by the doorknob. Even more, you have a left-handed door if it is to your left.

2. Align the Door with the Frame and Test the Fit

In this step, measure the rough aperture of the doorway before unpacking the new door. This will help you to make sure it is the correct size. Before you begin installing your new door after it has been taken out of the packaging, measure it to make sure it will fit. After this, leave the retaining brackets holding the door closed in place while installing.

  • While installing, place the door and frame in the middle of the rough opening.
  • You need to make sure the door is plumb by using a level.
  • Shim the lower side jamb until the door is plumb, especially when required.
  • To maintain the door jambs square with one another, make any necessary adjustments.
  • All this will be done to make sure the door is centred by checking it twice.

3. Follow the Moulding

On the siding, you can trace the moulding’s outline. This will help to increase the outline to allow for the additional trim if you have vinyl or metal siding. So, once the outline is complete, take off the door frame.

4. Cut the Drip Edge and the Outline Cut the Outline all the Way to the Sheathing

There is a need to start the cut with the blade clear of the siding while wearing safety glasses. After this, lower the moving blade into it. For this, avoid damaging the siding that will remain, stop just past the corners. You need to use a wood chisel that is sharp, around the corners. In order to fit the width of the rough opening, cut a piece of the drip edge. 

You can apply construction paper to the exposed sections of the walls and door frame to act as a moisture barrier. Further, cut the drip edge to the size of the rough opening. It can tuck under the siding at the top of the opening, and secure it in place. It is highly recommended, never to hammer the drip edge.

5. Examine the Fit

While examining, put in a new door, make sure it fits properly, and extend the entrance to fulfil your needs. When you are happy with how the door fits. After this, remove it and dab several thick beads of silicone caulk over the doorsill’s bottom. The areas where the brick moulding and jamb bottom will be caulked.

6. Door in the Center

In the rough aperture when you are setting the location, centre the door. Then, strike a strong grip on the sheathing with the moulding.

7. Examine the doorjamb

Make sure the door jamb is square on the hinge side and adjust with shims as necessary. Screw the hinge jamb into place momentarily. If there is a need you should loosen the screws to align the jamb again.

8. Cut Shims

In order to create flat shims, join two wedge-shaped cedar shim pairs. Now, go inside through a different door and place them there to stabilise the jamb. This can be done behind the hinges, between the jamb and the framing. They are more weather-resistant than pine, and cedar shims are preferred.

9. Place the Hinges.

You need to install the door hinges that the manufacturer provides. In addition, use the provided hardware, and fasten them to the frame.

10. Retaining brackets must be removed.

Take off the retaining brackets that the manufacturer put in place. Check that the door operates properly by opening and closing it.

11. Replace Your Lock, handles, and Knob

In this last step, you can latch through the opening for the new pieces. This is to install a new door lock and door knob. After passing the lockset tailpieces through the latch bolt. You need to tighten the retaining screws to secure the handles together. 

Now, use a hand screwdriver to prevent the screws from being damaged. This is to fit the latch bolt and attach the striking plate to the door jamb to complete the installation.

Final Thoughts

After reading this blog, we believe you will get a proper installation guide to install doors. With the implementation, and using corner brackets, cupboard door catches, you can easily upgrade your outside door. You may feel straightforward if you know how to install a pre-hung door. You can order products online when and where you need to shop for exterior doors or other items. 

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