Important Facts for getting Visa with Umrah Packages from UK

Important Facts for getting Visa with Umrah Packages from UK

Muslims truly want to do Umrah once in a lifetime. All across the world, Muslims gather in Makkah for doing Umrah. They stand united at one single thread on the call of Allah Almighty. Umrah is a sacred and rewarding trip for Muslims. Umrah can be performed at any time of the year. However, Muslims need a special set of arrangements. Like they have to avail the of transport, food, and accommodation and in this case, Umrah Packages from UK are the best approach for Muslims. Makkah Tour is a leading agency in the UK. We are offering a plethora of Umrah deals. Hence, UK citizens can find us easily for budget-friendly Umrah deals.

Basic Islamic beliefs for Umrah travel

Umrah is the fastest-growing pilgrimage for Muslims. It is the second sacred rite in Islam. The basic aim to do Umrah is to please Allah (SWT). There is nothing special more than the Umrah tour. Hence, it is the only worthy way to praise Allah. Umrah is a source of happiness and blessing in life. This non-obligatory act could be done any time of the year.

Muslims are required to start Umrah 2023 with family and friends. That is why everyone starts Umrah during special months. They start Umrah by visiting the Kaaba by wearing the white Ihram. Now tourists can simply choose the deals within their personal choice.  The best thing is to choose a reliable package. Indeed, a package includes the hotel, food, and transport services. Plus, it brings the total comfort of traveling under a guide. The pilgrims can also experience the majestic beauty of the Kaaba. So, keep focusing on hiring trustworthy agents.

What are the new policies for Umrah visas?

The Saudi government starts making new policies for visas. The pilgrimages have to follow these terms for traveling.  Every Muslim wants to have a safe trip with the Umrah Packages from UK. Here we discuss some basic tips to avail of the Umrah visa.

  • First of all, the pilgrims cannot do Umrah without proper help. The group of Muslims should visit Makkah through agents. Always use an authentic source for applying for a visa like Makkah Tour.
  • The travel agents can collect the visa application from the Saudi ministry. The applicant must fill the form with the right information. They have to present a duly signed application. Otherwise, the application will be canceled.
  • Visitors with Umrah visas cannot make leisure tours for KSA.
  • The travelers must apply with a passport. The passport must be valid for 6 months.
  • The Umrah visa is a necessary item for traveling. The pilgrims cannot travel to Makkah easily. Also, the other essential thing is a vaccination certificate.
  • The Umrah 2023 visa holder cannot exceed their spree. Otherwise, they have to face a penalty. An Umrah visa is valid to stay in Makkah for 30 days. Hence, the pilgrims can complete their Umrah within 14 days.
  • If you are converted to Islam, then you have to submit a religious certificate. The certificate must be attested by the Islamic center.
  • Women should also travel with their Mahram. But they can also travel with a trusted group. For this, they have to submit NOC from the lady’s Mahram.
  • Women below the age of 45 should do Umrah with Mahram. It is not right to travel alone for the Umrah pilgrimage.
  • The pilgrims cannot visit the Kaaba. If you want to another city visit, then you need consent from an official authority.
  • These are major factors to avail Umrah from UK. But you have to make all arrangements in advance. It will save you from major hectic traveling.
  • The pilgrims must pay normal administration fees, especially for first-timers.
  • Now the pilgrims don’t pay an extra fee like before.
  • In 2023, the Umrah application would be submitted through computer and pilgrims get an E-visa application for Umrah.
  • If a UK resident has a non-Muslim name, then he should submit a Muslim certificate from an Islamic center, so they can confirm their religion.

Why do people prefer the nearest hotel to Haram?

The Muslims who go to Makah for Umrah from UK, prefer to get the nearest lodging. Yes, it is the only way to have a memorable journey in life. Here are some other reasons to avail of Umrah Packages from UK with lodging:

Time-saving idea

The pilgrims prefer to get rent a hotel room close to Haram.  Yes, it is the best idea to save time. However, the pilgrims can utilize this time for other good things. They can do more supplications and don worship for pleasing Allah Almighty.  Lastly, it is easy to reach Haram safely and on time.

Less hassle

Umrah from UK is not possible without booking the hotel. The first thing is to rent the nearest hotel in Makkah. Hence, it will be easy and non-hectic for Muslims. They can go to the hotel whenever they feel tired.

Easy back and forth

Living near Haram is extremely beneficial. It can help the Muslims for moving forth and back. Certainly, the pilgrims can come and go according to their ease. So, you can manage your schedule easily.

Next door place

When you get the Umrah Packages from UK, you can stay closer to Haram. Hence, the pilgrims can feel honored and are hosted by Allah (SWT). It boosts your faith in Allah (SWT). Even you can supplicate more rightfully.

No transport needed

The nearest lodging helps to avoid the need for transport. You can walk towards the Haram easily. Hence, you don’t need any convincing. You can also use the shuttle bus for the Ziarat trip.

Warming value for the soul

What will be happy more than watching Kaaba from the room? Surely nothing can beat this vibe. You can view the Kaaba from hotels for having a refreshing soul. But it is only possible with the nearest lodging into the hotels.

The factor of temperature

For UK residents, the temperature is a big concern. If you want to do Umrah, then we suggest doing Umrah in December. We believe it is a good month for performing Umrah. So, you can cope with that of Saudi Arabia easily. Even our customers will find a better environment or less crowded in the KSA.

Book premium Umrah Packages at Makkah Tour

Looking for Umrah Packages from UK? You must follow the strict guidelines and rules for Umrah. Of course, it brings high rewards and blessings for Muslims. Thus, it is a part of making group or customized deals at a reputable agency. But first, you apply for a valid visa from Saudi Arabia. Hence, you can book group packages at Makkah Tours with great flexibility. They provide all services with airfares, accommodation, and transportation.

Makkah Tour bestows Umrah Packages from UK with transport, accommodation, and flights. We know all requirements of our customers. However, we aim to make your tour memorable. We promise to never compromise on quality over some pennies. Our agents take the close hotel services for giving you a religious experience. We are excited to announce the new services of Umrah. We hope to make successful Umrah planning. However, our agents customize Umrah trips according to your demands. Now you can check our price policy and different budgeted Umrah packages from UK. So, get everything to make your Umrah safe and memorable.

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