Playing Your Way in Apex Legends

Playing Your Way in Apex Legends

Even though the Battle Royale is the main event, you’ll get multiple ways to pass the time in Apex Legends. Above all, the free-to-play business model tends to leave restrictions out of the way. Hence you can experience the entire video game without spending a cent.

The only thing missing is the Legends, but you can overcome this obstacle by acquiring Apex Coins and Apex items from the U7BUY website. Therefore, you can grab all the characters and try their abilities.

Many players have their way to experience Apex Legends. If you lean into a single Game Mode, go for it. Above all, you choose how to have fun in your gaming sessions. 


After downloading Apex Legends and trying the video game for the first time, you’ll need to pass through the Training mode. Here, you’ll find the core elements of Apex Legends and learn how to use a Legend (Lifeline). 

We recommend paying attention to all the messages and even re-do everything if you get into trouble. The essential parts in the Training mode will help you understand the complex mechanics of Apex Legends. 

Firing Range

Improve your game knowledge and your skills with the Apex Firing Range. Inside you’ll discover all the Apex items and get the opportunity to try the entire arsenal. For example, you can grab a Sniper Rifle and learn the damage per bullet and recoil.

Furthermore, you’ll find numerous platforms and moving targets. Above all, with Apex Legends Firing Range, you have tools to familiarize yourself with the movement and master all the weapons with the different modifications. 

Lastly, you have a unique Apex item that instantly recharges the Legend’s Ultimate Skill. 

Battle Royale

The main part of Apex Legends sits right here. Play in a three-man or two-man team and conquer the battlefield with your teammate(s). Use the ping system to communicate with the group and mix the Legends’ abilities for better results. 

You’ll find multiple maps in the Apex Legends Battle Royale Game Modes. The arena rotation changes through the seasons and upcoming events 

If you want all the characters from the start and try them in the Apex Battle Royale, you can grab an Apex Legends Account for Sale on the U7BUY website. 

Ranked Leagues

Move into the “sweaty” part of this game with the Apex Ranked Leagues. Each victory will give you enough points to increase your position on the ranking ladder. However, you’ll find “less-forgiving” teammates and difficult opponents.

We recommend passing at least a week in the unranked Battle Royale Game Mode before trying your luck in Ranked. Once you gather more and more victories, you can try your luck in the big leagues.

There’s no time limit in Apex Legends. You can move between Game Modes at your pace.

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