Trade Show Marketing

Trade Show Marketing

Trade Show Marketing has significant effects on the profitability of the event. The way you promote your event prior to, during, and after the event will have an impact. It is recommended to begin your event or show marketing 2-3 months prior to the event or trade show. A study by the Center for Exhibition Industry Research (CEIR) found that the conversion of visitors to qualified leads increased by 50 percent when a pre-show marketing campaign was utilized. This ought to be enough to make you think about pre-show marketing at an absolute minimum. Furthermore marketing before and after the event or trade show can increase your chances of success.

Pre-Show/Event Marketing

Personal Reach-out

  1. Contact your contacts list via telephone, email, or mail invitation. This could include your contacts, customers, and potential customers. If you reach out to the list, you can inform them of your presence at the event or the show. You can make them feel compelled to visit your booth through a special giveaway, promotion, etc. Another suggestion, if you are you are exhibiting at a trade fair is to make use of the event’s participants’ list of registered attendees which is typically accessible by the show’s management.
  2. Make use of mass marketing to advertise via email, website advertising, or social networks. Make use of Facebook and Twitter to your advantage. Create posts that contain information about your show including your exhibition booth as well as an incentive to stop by. For events, promote your event and highlight the benefits to the attendees such as if they get an exclusive demo of a new item or get to know about a brand new service, etc.
  3. Create and launch an email marketing campaign. Your first message can invite your clients, prospects, and show list attendees to stop by your trade show booth or at the event you’re participating in. Make sure you include an incentive to stop by. A reminder email sent prior to the event or show is a great method to remind them why they are welcome to visit your booth.
  4. Send handwritten invitations to potential customers and customers inviting them to visit your stand or event. Personalization goes quite a way. Be sure to encourage your booth or visit the event whenever you can.
  5. Advertise in events and show magazines.


Be aware that you will not be the only business conducting pre-show sales or marketing. Your event or pre-show outreach is as crucial as the design of your booth or event plan. It should be noticed and grab the attention of attendees, thereby promoting the most visits from leads who are qualified and potential customers as you can! Do not put off your marketing strategy for trade shows until the very last second!

During Show/Event Marketing

  1. Keep using social media to let people know about the happenings at your tradeshow booth or during an event. Share photos, videos, etc. Utilize hashtags to track mentions. Inspire others to share your content.
  2. Keep using your email marketing campaign to communicate with the attendees. Thanks to those who have already visited and encourage people who haven’t stopped at all by, reminding them of the benefits to them.
  3. Make sure that your tradeshow booth or event has an interactive element that draws the attention of visitors and encourages them to come by. The show’s sponsorships could help to draw attention to your business, and allow you to encourage more visitors to stop by your stand. Benefit from new product pavilions, breakfast on the 1 day of the event as well as sponsorships. 

Post-Show/Event Marketing

  1. Make sure that your leads are added to your CRM and on your email list.
  2. Send a thank-you email to all who came by your booth or attended an event. Be sure to do this quickly.
  3. Write blogs to review things that happened at the trade show or event, and also describe what your business did. Make use of this opportunity to respond to the questions asked specifically by people who couldn’t attend.
  4. Utilize social media to thank attendees, share pictures of the show or event, or you can share blog posts written about the event or tradeshow display.
  5. Incorporate the leads you have received into your marketing emails to send relevant, quality content as they continue their journey toward becoming your client.

These guidelines for marketing at trade shows will help your pre and post-show/event promotion succeed.

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