What Color To Associate With A Navy Blue Dress

What Color To Associate With A Navy Blue Dress

Navy blue is a very dark shade of Blue Gorgeous Paisley Pashmina that brings a real touch of chic to  an outfit . But navy blue is a color that often poses a problem when it comes to finding a color that goes well with . This is all the more the case when it comes to completing an outfit whose main item of clothing is a navy blue dress. 

A pretty navy blue dress is ultra elegant and it would be a shame to spoil it because of the rest of the outfit.In the following article, I will help you find the pieces that will best match your dark blue dress . You might be surprised by the number of colors that go so well with navy blue. 

Women put a lot of unnecessary color barriers on themselves when composing their outfits. Achieving pretty harmonious colorful outfits is just a question of dosage. You just need to learn how to dose the amount of colors and assign the colors to the right parts of your outfits.

The navy blue dress or the French chic… We often talk about the little black dress when we think of a chic and timeless piece that all women should have in their wardrobe. But I guarantee you that the little navy blue dress does not have to pale before the little black dress. 

The navy blue dress is just as elegant as the little black dress! Nevertheless, it is true that for many women, navy blue is not an obvious color to use in an outfit. It is not always easy to know at a glance how to complete an outfit made up of one or more navy blue pieces. 

That’s why I suggest you discover below a list of some very nice color combinations with navy blue.

In this list, I reveal to you each time 3 colors that go well with navy blue . 

These 3 colors can for example be attributed to a coat, a bag and shoes .

Navy blue + beige + red + black



Navy + Gray + Black + White

Navy blue + beige + white + red


Navy blue + yellow + red + gray

Navy blue + gray + white + purple

Navy blue + beige + black + green




You are of course free to assign the colors mentioned above to the parts you want. If I take example n°1, you can for example decide to opt for:

a navy dress, orange shoes, a black bag and a nude coat

a navy dress, an orange coat, a black bag and nude shoes

a navy dress, a black coat, nude shoes and a black bag

Navy Blue Dress + Red + Black + Nude

Here we have

A navy sheath dress

A beige trench coat

A cherry red shoulder bag

A pair of black pumps

Navy Blue Dress + Red + Green + Silver

Here we have

A navy sheath dress

A straight red coat with flared sleeves

An olive green chain shoulder bag

A pair of silver pumps

Navy Blue Dress + Pink + White + Silver

Here we have

A navy sheath dress

A long straight powder pink coat with silver buttons

A white handbag

A pair of silver pumps

Navy Blue Dress + Gray + Black + White

Here we have

A navy sheath dress

A straight gray coat with belt

A round bag with a shoulder strap and a silver chain detail on the front

A pair of black pumps

Navy Blue Dress + Beige + Red + White

Here we have

A navy sheath dress

A long straight beige coat with belt

A white handbag

A pair of red pumps

A red bag

Both classic and soothing, royal blue offers the possibility of being associated with many colors : red, orange, brown, pink, black, white or even purple.

A Pair Of Gray Pumps

With the sky blue of your dress , favor neutral colors : white, grey, beige, ivory, powder pink… go easily with this color . You can also dare contrasts: yellow, candy pink or orange shoes will bring pep to the outfit.

What Color Goes Well With Blue Clothing?

Star clothing color , blue is an essential shade in any wardrobe! If it is electric, combine it with silver, gold or beige, light brown and gray tones. If it’s navy blue (secondary color ), you can bet on red, yellow or orange.

Brown is the easiest color to wear in terms of footwear . The variety of shades (dark, camel, light, sand, etc.) indicates that there are colors for all occasions. The lighter the shade, the more relaxed the look will be, especially if you add details (like with a pair of brogues).

So we have variety of cashmere pink and beige stole, scarfs and shawls in blue colors also.

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