Which is the Best Month to Perform Umrah in 2024?

Which is the Best Month to Perform Umrah in 2024?

Umrah pilgrimage is performed throughout the year and Muslims from all over the world travel towards the sacred places of Makkah and Madinah to fulfill their wish. No doubt Umrah can be performed at any time of the year except the five days of Hajj. Mostly people choose February Umrah Packages because of the weather conditions and the lesser rush of pilgrims. Summers are too harsh in Saudi Arabia as it’s a country rich in desert so you can expect high temperatures all the time. For people from European countries, the UK, and the US it’s difficult to survive such hot weather and at the same time perform the Umrah. That’s why choosing the month of February would be a wise decision.

Everyone wishes to visit the house of Allah but everyone can’t fulfill their wish as the rate of everything is becoming high with every passing day. But Umrah holds immense significance for every Muslim and everyone wants to fulfill it at least once in their lifetime. That’s why several travel agencies offer different varieties of February Umrah packages so everyone can enjoy this blissful journey. Allah listens to everyone’s prayers, you just need to make efforts to get them heard. You need the proper planning to gain this opportunity and ensure to choose the right month to not face any difficulties later. Here are some points that make February the best month to perform the Umrah pilgrimage.


As discussed above, weather is the foremost thing to consider when you are traveling to a country with high temperatures. When one feels comfortable and unbothered by the weather conditions, they can focus more on their prayers and build stronger bonds with the most merciful Allah. Why February? It’s because of the mild climate in Makkah, this month have moderate temperature during the day and it slightly decreases during the night. That makes it an ideal month to perform the Umrah pilgrimage and even visit the historical places of Makkah and Madinah. This allows you to spend more time visiting places and learning more about the history of Islam. Hence increasing your faith and believing more in the Divine’s blessings.

Spiritual Bonding

When you don’t have to worry about the harsh temperatures you can spend maximum time in the haram area. Also, most people travel in winter vacations in December, so there will be less rush in February. Choosing the February Umrah Package allows you to engage in the rituals with more devotion and spend your time thinking about what changes you need to make in yourself, and how you can build your relationship with your creator. Indeed, this would be the best time of your life and will allow you to stay closer to Islam.

Less Crowd

The best thing about February is that you can bring your children along with you, no matter what their age. There is a lower number of pilgrims in this month, so this allows you to focus on your Ibadah as well as staying closer to your children. It’s because most people love to perform Umrah during Ramadan or during winter vacations. Although the Umrah pilgrimage doesn’t stop throughout the year, still performing it at a time when it’s not crowded will give you a unique experience. You can stay closer to Kaaba and do Tawaf near to it easily. Also, you have a higher chance to touch the black stone and pray nawafil in Hateem. Just stay in your specific lane and you’ll easily reach these spiritual points during February.

Cost-Efficient Package

Everyone wishes to perform Umrah that can be possible in the months when there is less rush. With less demand in February, travel agencies offer cheap February Umrah packages and various discounts and deals to promote their business. You can request the places in Makkah and Madinah nearest to Masjid Al-Haram and Al-Nabvi Mosque respectively. As it’s the off-season, so you can easily avail of the accommodation facility within your budget. Even the ticket prices are lower this month and the airbuses are mostly empty because of the less rush of pilgrims, this will help you to travel conveniently.

School Holiday

In most countries, February often aligns with school holidays, making it the best time for families to perform Umrah together. In that way, families can share their spiritual experiences and build stronger bonds with each other. No matter what trip you take, performing Umrah will always remain memorable for you and your loved ones. Also, you wouldn’t need to take a break from your work and can bring your children with you.

Final Thoughts

Umrah is the most significant pilgrimage after Hajj and allows you to seek repentance, from sins and start a new life. To make the most of this spiritual journey, choosing the right time is necessary. That is why most people choose February Umrah packages because of the reduced crowds, and the availability of a variety of budgetary Umrah packages. For a more spiritually enriching experience contact Muslims Holy Travel and you’ll truly feel the difference. They ensure to provide convenience and even guide you through the pilgrimage. They are serving the best services and that too at lower rates than others. May Allah accept our visits to His home and give opportunity to every Muslim to offer this pilgrimage.

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