Why Self Dissertation Writing Is A Terrible Idea?

Why Self Dissertation Writing Is A Terrible Idea?

In the research world, students are assigned to write dissertations, research articles, and papers to exhibit their strengths, research skills, and critical thinking. Many students find it difficult to write their dissertations due to a lack of experience and abilities. Sometimes it is not to doubt your abilities, but self-dissertation writing raises many complications which are difficult to deal with.

Are you also going through similar experiences of dissertation writing? Of course, a dissertation is an important part of your degree completion so forget about running away from it. We don’t discourage you from writing yourself but change your perspective and accept the bitter reality of not writing a good dissertation by yourself. This post will explain the reasons you should not indulge in writing your dissertation.

No outline to follow:

If you are clueless about where and how to start, then it’s better to actually not write your thesis. University students are involved in activities such as part-time jobs, conferences, seminars, sports, and more. Because of these tasks, they do not have enough time to prepare a proper plan to develop an outline. We all know the particular format of a dissertation but what more important is the quality of content. If you don’t have enough time to collect data and literature, then it might create problems you for.

Short Time Notice:

Sometimes you are not ready to prepare your research work on time. Self-dissertation writing can become worst when you have to submit it in less time. Approaching the deadline can be mental torture for you and reduce your writing and thinking capabilities. If you are going through the same situation, then stop right there. It is better to get access to dissertation writing services UK for the timely submission of your dissertation.

Horrible Skills And Abilities:

Early career research has encountered various problems in writing dissertation. You need to have various skills to write it flawlessly and have quality work. If you lack the following basic skills, then your dream of self-dissertation writing cannot come true.

Writing Skills:

Writing gives your dissertation a direction, story, and purpose for conducting research. Furthermore, consider a dissertation like a book in which you have to constantly add written information following formal language. Other than style, you need to take care of grammatical errors, spelling, and sentence structure to avoid any further complications. If you are a beginner in writing dissertation, then it will take time to hone your skills. But unfortunately, you don’t have enough time.

Time Management Skills:

Being a university student, you also have to focus on other academic tasks and experimentation. What about when you have the skills but don’t have enough time for self-dissertation writing? Taking out time for a dissertation is as important as writing it otherwise, it will be difficult to keep the workflow.

Organizational Skills:

Are your wondering how organizational skills play a role in writing a dissertation? Well, organizational skills demonstrate your ability to organize your data, surveys, case studies, references, and interviews in a file. These can be valuable in adding to your dissertation. However, if you can’t pay attention to the collection of data, then you cannot write a good dissertation.

Research Skills:

Conducting research is necessary to write dissertation. You need to study the literature review and papers of other scholars related to your field. A lack of research skills will show that your data is irrelevant to the dissertation and might lead to a rejection table. Besides, the addition of references and citations is also necessary for it. Hence, if you have poor research skills, then don’t think of self-dissertation writing.

Rephrasing Skills:

You can’t directly copy someone else ideas and words. You need to possess good and strong set of vocabulary with a good writing style to rephrase your words and sentences. Otherwise, your work may be considered plagiarized. Lack of these skills will create trouble in the academic world so if you don’t have them, then leave your writing process.

Difficult To Meet Expectations:

Sometimes your colleagues and advisor might be expecting you to produce good results. These expectations will keep you under pressure to write quality content. Even if you have prepared the first draft of your dissertation, then you might fear that your mistakes and the limitations of the result will be revealed. Self-dissertation writing can turn out to be more challenging if you are stuck in never-ending cycle of expectations.

Series Of Struggle And Disappointments:

Even if you have attempted to write your dissertation, then advancing it to perfection stage might be problematic for you. It is because you have to face disappointments and depression to make sense of your writing. Writing a dissertation is a daunting task that comes with responsibility and the necessity to finish it. You might be ashamed of sharing your first draft with your advisor and have to struggle a lot to cover your poor skills. The magnitude of writing a dissertation task will freeze your thoughts and progress. This is why it is better to seek professional dissertation help from the best dissertation writing services UK.

Risk Of Losing Good Grades:

Your research grade matters a lot for your future career. If you have a poor dissertation written with baseless arguments and evidence, then it may not help you to score better. You may blame yourself for securing bad grades and eventually, criticism and demotivation will lead you to depression and regret. You cannot risk your important assessment. If you feel that you are incompetent or don’t have enough time to write your dissertation, then ask for assistance and secure your marks.


It is not shameful not to be able to do self-dissertation writing. It is common disbelief among students that it becomes easier to write dissertation with time and experience. Do not feel discouraged from the progress of your lab mates. Accept your incompetency and lack of skills.

If you have a short time or going through the above troubles, then writing a dissertation yourself is not a good option for you. Deep down, you are aware of your mistakes and not satisfied of your initial drafts. The solution of these problems is always right in front of you. Consider availing of writing services online to complete your dissertation on time at low affordable costs.

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