Learning Basic English to Excel in the IELTS Exam

Learning Basic English to Excel in the IELTS Exam

The truth is that your dream of speaking English like a pro can be turned into reality if you work with the right approach. As you know, to create the biggest structure, one must form the strongest base where the structure is going to stand. To your astonishment, this is also applicable to learning English to ace the IELTS exam. 

Understand that you have to learn English with the intention to conversate with people and make use of the English language practically rather than only with the attention to pass the IELTS exam. Through this article, we will help you strengthen your base in learning English. Which will help you make use of the English language like a pro and ace the IELTS exam with an excellent band score. 

As you might have learned the verbs, prepositions, clauses, adjectives, adverbs, conjunctions, etc. during your academics. These concepts also form basic English. But to speak English like a pro, you must be well cognizant of the important concepts that we will elaborate on through this article. 

Wait! Before we move ahead, let us inform you that the IELTS exam dates 2023 are booked through the official website of the exam governing body. Therefore, before you plan to appear for the exam, go through the available exam dates options to finalize your exam date. 

Let’s strengthen your basic English to ace the IELTS exam through the tips elaborated on below:

Basic Word Order

To your surprise, there is a syntax in the English language structure that one must follow:

“Subject + verb + object + place + time”

Note that 

“Where” always comes before “when”. (She will be in her office at 1:30 pm)

You can’t separate “verb” and “object”. ( “I enjoy singing in rain very much” is correct whereas “I enjoy very much singing in rain” is wrong)

You must also acquire a proper understanding of the positions of prepositions, adverbs, frequency adverbs, etc. in the sentences. The youtube tutorial will be a rescue for you as they explain each concept with sheer clarity. 

Now understand this:

“She gave Canadian currencies to her boyfriend” and “she gave her boyfriend Canadian currencies”.  These both sentences are correct. Taking the help of youtube tutorials will help you a lot in acquiring a profound knowledge of these concepts. 

If you need more guidance then, google “syntax of word order in English”. Then, explore images to get a profound understanding of the word order in the English language. 

Gerunds and Infintives 

Now, we are going to discuss one of the most imperative grammar rules in the English language i.e. gerunds and infinitives. In this, “to” follow the base form of the “verb” but “verb+ing” can’t be followed by “to”. 

Now compare this:

“she loves to dance V/S she loves dancing”. Which one do you think is correct? Well, the answer is both sentences are correct but in the former sentence we have used gerund and in the latter one we have used infinitives. 

Understand this:

“I forget to tell him V/S I forget to tell him”. In these sentences, the first one is correct but the latter one is wrong. Because as an infinitive “to” must follow the base form of the verb. 

To ace, the IELTS exam one must acquire a profound acquaintance with the proper application of Gerunds and Infinitives.


We are studying tenses since we were in the fifth class or maybe even before that. Summarizing the tenses in just one paragraph would be very strenuous. However, with the advent of technology, even learning tenses is not difficult. Get the help of the youtube tutorials to have a deep understanding of the application of tenses rules. Once you have acquired the proper knowledge of Tenses, speaking English is going to be very easy for you. 

Enrolling yourself for the PTE exam dates is quite similar to booking the IELTS exam date but you need to create a Pearson account first to book the PTE exam date. 


Along with the three-pointers elaborated on above, one must also upgrade the level of one’s English vocabulary by sticking to a well-recognized dictionary. Learning verb phrases could be difficult but if you keep on practicing then, things are going to work wonders for you. We hope that this blog will help you to ace the IELTS exam. 

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