Tiger Woods Pop Golf Fort Myers

Tiger Woods Pop Golf Fort Myers

Tiger Woods didn’t show his stripes, but he made his mark in Pop Golf Fort Myers on Thursday. The first was Woods’ involvement as an owner and partner, including his PGA star, who was involved in designing two of his greens. These courses are the focus of the Six Mile Cypress Parkway venue, which opens to the public on Saturdays at 10am. “PopStroke aims to bring friends and family together in a dynamic outdoor environment.

Bartoli says it’s fun to see different age groups enjoying different aspects of his PopStroke. Seniors gather over wine and cocktails, parents eat lunch and drink craft beer, and kids play with one of his. Let’s eat pucci classes and ice cream. He also has a corn hole board and table tennis. “It’s a really unique venue and experience,”. In Addition, “He’s one of the few people, regardless of age, socioeconomic background or skill level, that an 8-year-old can have as much fun as a 78-year-old.” prepare for He has won his 15 majors and championships, with only Jack Nicklaus, 18, and Sam, 82, having the most wins on his PGA Tour. We are here.

The Fort Myers facility has two of his putting courses

Cub is more beginner-friendly, Tiger is more challenging, and golfers can track their scores in the app. You can also use the app to order food and drinks from your in-house restaurant and have them delivered to your course. PopStroke has plans for at least two facilities on the Florida Gulf Coast. One is nearing completion north of Naples, and another is planned for Sarasota next year. Port St. Bartoli, who directed the first pop stroke in his Lucy, Fort Myers facility on schedule.

Southwest Florida Golf:
Tiger Woods-backed PopStroke opens in Pop Golf Fort Myers  be constructed. When will Woods of
Jupiter Island open? At 15, he has won the second most majors in history. That was almost a year before he joined PopStroke shortly after the Fort Myers facility was announced. The groundbreaking he took place in January and was completed on schedule despite the ongoing Coronahi pandemic.

“Tiger was great,” said Bartoli. “He’s really excited. I think it’s very special to see the work they’ve done on the design side. “Nobody has had a greater impact on the growth of golf than his has. This is an opportunity for us to continue working on this and introduce a whole new generation to the game in a less intimidating way than we have in the past golf.

Who represented the wood

Woods was represented by Chris Hubman, CFO of Tiger Woods Ventures and a member of the PopStroke Board of Directors. We are sorry to disappoint you,” he jokingly told a gathering of county officials and other project officials, referring to Woods’ failure to show up. Hubman said he spoke with Woods about opening PopStroke Wednesday night.

“He couldn’t wait to start designing,” Hubman said. “He is most excited about this facility because it is the first golf course Pop Golf Fort Myers designed with any type of putting base. “It’s not the miniature golf or putt-putt that people are used to. It’s as close as the golf course.”

Woods posted a promotional video of him to his 6.5 million Twitter followers on Tuesday. At some point, probably by the end of the year, he’ll show up in Pop Golf Fort Myers. “we got involved with PopStroke because we thought it would be a great way for people of all ages to come together and play golf without being afraid to go to the golf course,” Woods said in the promotional video. The fact that you can create things and have experiences that people take home and want to come back to.”

In Addition, Woods recalled training and playing with his father, Earl, who introduced him to the game and began shaping him into one of the greatest golfers of all time. “These are some of the great memories I will always cherish,” Woods said. “I think anyone who has had the opportunity to experience PopStroke as a family will feel the same way.”


Where: 5531 Six Mile Commercial Ct, Fort Myers, 33912

Hours: Sunday-Thursday, 10 a.m.-11 p.m.; Friday-Saturday, 10 a.m.-midnight

Rates: $14.99 for 18 holes (reduced rates for seniors, children 6-12 and 5-under, military, 

Food/drink: Everything from steaks and fish, to burgers, sandwiches, and ice cream; Specialty cocktails, wine, beer, including local craft beer.

Info: PopStroke.com, 239-323-4653

In Addition, PopStroke had a soft opening for its second golf entertainment facility, and first with Woods’ involvement that included the PGA star as an ownership partner all the way down to his playing a role in designing the two putting courses.

Visit Fort Myers for a unique golf experience

Tiger Woods and his TGR Design team created their first-ever 36-hole putting facility, specifically for PopStroke. Using their award-winning design talents, the two 18-hole putting courses, built entirely with synthetic turfs, incorporate fairways, bunkers, and rough just as you would see on a traditional golf course. Using only a putter, this unique golf experience can be played by anyone – no matter their ability, expertise, or whether they’ve ever held a club before.

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