Types of Props & Signs You Can Choose For Your Next Big Event

Types of Props & Signs You Can Choose For Your Next Big Event

Whether you’re hosting a Christmas party or a grad bash, arranging a baby shower or planning for your nuptials in the coming days, a photo booth setup will breathe life into your party decor. Unlike hiring a photographer, a photo booth looks more organized and creative. The best part? You can upscale your entire event photography by arranging occasion-specific photo booth props and prop signs which are readily available at https://kingprops.com/collections/photo-booth-prop-signs.

In today’s article, we’ll discuss different types of photo booth props and signs you can use for your upcoming event. 

Holiday Photo Booth Props

Who doesn’t like to arrange holiday parties at home for their friends and family? Of course, we all do. Some of us even find excuses to arrange a bash at home, gather friends, and click memorable pictures they can revisit and enjoy for years to come. 

Did you know with a little effort and planning, you can turn your average-looking clicks into a treat to watch? You guessed that. We’re talking about Holiday photo booth props specifically designed to keep your holiday spirit alive. 

From New Year parties to Christmas celebrations and Thanksgiving to Halloween, you can find almost all holiday props online to accompany your photo booth setup. They liven up the space and enable you and your guests to mingle, pose silly, and have quality time together. 

You can either opt for PVC-crafted stick props or invest in a single banner with a holiday message or creative text on top of it. The choices are endless, and each option is worth the price. 

Birthday Photo Booth Props

If there’s one event we would all like to celebrate, it is our birthday. Speaking of the party essentials, apart from cake, balloons, scented candles, and gifts, one needs to have a space dedicated to a photo booth set up where guests can hold some party props and capture their favorite moments with style and fun. 

Similar to holiday props, you can find many options for your birthday photo booth. These include individual stick props, prop sets for group photos, and colorful banners and signs.  

Here are a few text suggestions you can follow for your props in case you’re opting for printed signs or PVC props:

  • Birthday Girl/Birthday Boy
  • Blow Out the Candles
  • Make a Wish
  • Photo Bomb
  • The Cake Eater
  • Happy Bday
  • Didn’t Bring a Gift
  • Sweet Sixteen

If you don’t want to invest in individual props, you can adorn the entire booth with colorful, glittery, and printed balloons. Alternatively, you can keep some colorful confetti on hand and shower it generously when a photographer says ‘cheese.’

Wedding Photo Booth Props

A wedding event is incomplete without a well-crafted photo booth set up. Different types of photo booths are available for rentals on the market, including an enclosed photo booth, polaroid photo booth, GIF booth, open-air booth, roving photo booth, classic photo booth, and more. 

After deciding the type of photo booth you’d need for your event, the next step is to think about wedding photo booth props and signs that can serve as a perfect addition to your decor. PVC wedding props are all the rage, thanks to their durability and waterproof nature. These props are reusable, eco-friendly, and bent-proof, meaning you can use them repeatedly for different events with the proper care and maintenance. 

Then there are rustic wedding props, which are known for their versatility, unique messages, and rustic appeal. 

Baby Photo Booth Props

Being a parent is immensely rewarding. It is a life-changing experience that begins with the joy of sharing and caring. We’re sure you must have planned something really exciting for your big day, including an exotic photo booth set up and props to make your baby shower or gender reveal celebration shine. 

While you can also take a DIY route and create props for your event on your own, we’d recommend you look for an online vendor and get your customized props done by professionals. This will save you time and energy, which you can invest in other parts of your party preparation. 

Here are a few text recommendations in case you’re opting for a customized set of props for your baby shower:

  • Oh, Baby!
  • It’s a Girl/Boy
  • Mom to Be
  • Can’t Wait!
  • Future MVP
  • Ready to Pop!
  • Mom/Dad to Be
  • #PINK
  • #BLUE

Spanish Party Props

If you want your friends to experience the true Spanish culture, arranging a Spanish-themed party can be your safest bet.  From deciding on an exotic Spanish dinner menu and drinks to planning party activities and preparing the Spanish party decorations, you must have much to do on your list.

Like any other party, a Spanish-themed event will be incomplete without a proper photo booth setup. You can opt for an open-air option if you plan to arrange your event in the garden area. Similarly, an enclosed photo booth should be your top priority if you want to host an indoor event. 

As far as photo booth props are concerned, anything colorful with some hilarious text/message will perfectly fit in the context. Again, buying props from an online vendor is better than taking a DIY route. Remember, you can always customize them according to your needs and preferences. 

Halloween Photo Booth Props

Fright nights, spooky creatures, skeletons, and pumpkins – a Halloween bash should be on your list if you love partying and spending time with friends and family. 

Besides usual party stuff, such as food, drinks, and costumes, you must also focus on capturing your spookiest moments that you can revisit whenever and wherever you want. A photo booth setup with vibrant party props will help you create haunting memories that your friends will cherish for years.

Tips to Consider 

  • Invest in props that are kids-proof, water-proof, reusable, and eco-friendly
  • Don’t waste your time and energy creating props on your own. You can get them ready-made at incredibly affordable prices 
  • Buy double-sided props 
  • Look for quality instead of quantity
  • Store and maintain your props properly so you can reuse them whenever you want

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