A Complete Guide to F-7, Islamabad

A Complete Guide to F-7, Islamabad

To the west of sector F-6, near the Pakistan Secretariat and PM House, is sector F-7, one of the most affluent and significant neighbourhoods of the capital city. The proximity to Margalla Hills, Damn-e-Koh, and Faisal Avenue makes the area even more desirable.

The vast majority of foreigners and politicians reside here due to the area’s top-notch security. The Capital Development Authority (CDA) is responsible for the management of this sector. The four sub-sectors of F-7 Islamabad are F-7/1, F-72, F-7/3, and F-7/4. Like other sectors, it has a central commercial area (‘markaz’) as well.

The Nazim-ud-din Road connects these sub-sectors to various other sectors. F-7 neighbourhood is home to the well-known Jinnah Super Market, which is frequently visited by both foreigners and locals. It is regarded as Islamabad’s business centre and provides outstanding living opportunities.

Facilities & Amenities

F-7 offers a wide range of services and facilities. Numerous educational institutions, financial institutions, fitness centres, restaurants, parks etc. have been built in the surrounding areas. The neighbourhood is also a few minutes away from the famous Faisal Mosque.

The markaz is a buzzing spot that offers a distinctive and enjoyable shopping experience. Additionally, it offers a wide selection of traditional and continental cuisines. 

Since it was one of the first sectors to be developed in the city, the area enjoys a steady supply of electricity, gas, and water. It is also adjacent to several of Islamabad’s top tourist destinations, as well as hiking and rock-climbing trails.

Residents can also use the adjacent metro bus stations and the local minibuses for transportation inside the city. There are various shopping centres in this area, including the well-known Safa Gold Mall, which is home to many local and international brands.

Top Restaurants in F-7

Due to its strategic location, the area presents a significant commercial opportunity for both domestic and foreign food chains. Some of the most well-known eateries can be found here.

Envoy Continental HotelContinentalSecret SkyContinental
Subway WesternKabul RestaurantAfghani Cuisine
OPTPWesternSooper ScooperzIce Cream Parlour 
Kim Mun ChineseChocolate CafeWestern
Chinese RestaurantChineseThe Chinese CafeChinese
What a ParathaTraditionalBurn Out Restaurant & CafeWestern
Chai ShaiTraditionalPappasallisItalian
Atrio Cafe & GrillWesternRoastersWestern 
2 Broke EngineersWestern The Burger FestWestern 
The Hotspot Western Khiva Continental 
HowdyWestern Juice LandMix
Hardee’sWestern Gourmet BakersBakery

Medical Facilities in F-7

F-7 is home to numerous renowned private clinics and hospitals that are equipped with state-of-the-art equipment and have a well-trained staff. 

The following is a list of the top medical facilities available in the sector:

  • Adnan’s Dental and Implant Clinic
  • Ali Ahmad Physiocare Hospital
  • Ali Medical Centre
  • Amanat Eye Hospital
  • Derma Bliss Hospital
  • Federal Government Services Hospital
  • Kulsum International Hospital
  • Medicsi Hospital
  • The Dental Consultants Hospital

Besides the hospitals and clinics mentioned above, there are several other top-notch healthcare centres in this sector, which are providing excellent services.

Educational Institutes in F-7

Along with Islamic educational institutions, there are many public and private institutions in F-7.

There are also a lot of reputable universities close by.

The following is a list of top educational institutes in this area:

NameLevel of EducationInstitution Type 
Federal Government College for Women CollegeGirls
Margalla Model College for Girls CollegeGirls 
Froebel’s International SchoolSchool & CollegeCo-Ed
Red Maple Montessori & SchoolSchoolCo-Ed
Headstart School and MontessoriSchoolCo-Ed
Overseas Pakistani Foundation (OPF)School & CollegeCo-Ed
Islamabad Model College for BoysCollege Boys

There are several other educational institutes in the sector as well, which are providing quality education.

Price Trends of Properties in F-7 Islamabad

To give you an idea of the local real estate value, the price trends of residential properties in F-7 are shown below in the table:

Size of House Price Trends (Sale)Price Trends (Rent)
500-533 Square Yards            –Rs. (400k to 800k)
600- 666 Square YardsRs. 20 to 25 CroresRs. (450k to 800k)
800 – 888 Square YardsRs. 27 to 30 CroresRs. 450k to 1000k
1000 Square YardsRs. 27 to 35 CroresRs. 500k to 1200k
1600 Square YardsRs. 32 to 38 CroresRs. 700k to 1200k
2000 Square YardsRs. 42 to 80 CroresRs. 700k to 1500k
2 to 3-Bedroom Portion        –Rs. 200k to 400k

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